Prime Day(s) Deals

We have a thread every year! If you find any good deals, please post - especially if it’s a product you already endorse!

I just happened to come across this mattress - I’m tempted to buy for one of our beds. A family member has had a Zinus and is very happy with it.


IF there is anyone out there still thinking about an Instant Pot -

54% off - $55

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A-ha… that’s why my work email is so silent… :slight_smile:


A couple of tech tshirts and a set of sheets.

I’ve been trying different sheet sets and my favorites are ones I bought at last years prime day.

Apparently I have beer taste and a beer budget

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I just ordered something that is not a Prime deal… stupid instant Folgers - the only coffee my husband would drink. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I ordered some new running shoes. Prime Day saved me a whole $10. :grinning:

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I ordered my hairspray and DHs razors, not much more exciting than Folgers

I just bought two multipacks of plain black and plain nude underwear for my daughter for under dance uniforms. Talk about exciting stuff.

Sometimes it’s the everyday stuff like razors and Folger’s that is worth getting on Prime Day if it’s a deal - that’s stuff you know you will use and not really an impulse buy! (But I understand the Folgers was not a prime deal!)

new laptop for my husband

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I got a pair of workout pants (Amazon brand). I think I saved $2 from the usual price.

I saved $7 per pack on the razors :raised_hands:

May I ask which sheets you like? I’m in the market for a set for a guest bedroom that are 100%cotton or linen. Just so overwhelmed by choices!

@kiddie Thanks for posting the laptop link. Ordered one just now!

Checked back, deal sold out as of 4pm EDT

I ordered these

And I’m trying these

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I got this set plus I had a $10 credit to use from ordering from a small business earlier. So $20 off a $30 set.

I just ordered a pair of coolmax sheets. We also had a $10 coupon plus the prime deal and the queen set was $9.64. If they suck I won’t be too upset.

@BunsenBurner , is that the Folgers Instant that comes in tubes? When we rent a Maine cottage every year, those instant coffee tubes are indispensable!!

This made me LOL.

I have a prime credit card, so I bought a gift card since with prime day instead of 5% back, I could get 6% wooo. Then I went and bought the memory foam pillows my son wanted, and the gel odor stuff for his room. Otherwise, haven’t been overly impressed.

That triggered the funniest story about nude underwear…my girls like this nude seamless underwear from victoria secret that I only buy on sale. My MIL recently mentioned someone at her independent living place that he had to talk to and her response was “you’d like her because she doesn’t wear underwear” lmao…I said to him “what? she probably wears the nude sealmess underwear…or thong”…I mean seriously…do people really think people don’t wear underwear under uniforms like that? Or, apparently old people do…but more so, neither he nor I even want to know why his mom would even be looking. LMAO

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