princeton accepted classmate today during school!

I didn’t even know Ivies did this, but today, Princeton personally called a girl in my class today during school telling her she was in (she’s a recruited athlete - diver).

Wow, just amazing. Is it common for colleges to inform recruited athletes this way?

<p>Not uncommon. A kid from my school got his letter of acceptance to Notre Dame a month ago for lacrosse recruiting.</p>

<p>The same thing happened to a kid at my school. He was recruited by Harvard for crew.</p>

<p>lucky bastards</p>

<p>It must be nice to be a recruited athlete... it would make things sooooooo much easier on me!</p>

<p>Yeah, but now they prepare for four years of h*ell while they juggle academics and sports.</p>

<p>better than being an athlete who's not recruited...</p>

<p>"Yeah, but now they prepare for four years of h*ell while they juggle academics and sports."</p>

<p>Seriously. Being an athlete reallp puts a damper on things. You don't have time for a life or time to explore interests.</p>

<p>D has two friends who have both "been accepted" at Ivys for soccer. I was also surprised that they are finished with the process so quickly. They have both known for weeks.</p>

<p>Yeah, being an athlete in college sucks. The practices, traveling, and work you have to put into the sport are just ridiculous. Although it makes the process easier, I wouldn't want to be them.</p>

<p>Yeah, I know a varsity football player and a varsity rower (both in my entryway), and not only do they have no free time, they're tired as hell half the time.</p>

<p>Here, Colorado State will come to your school, do a five or so minute interview (look at grades and test scores), and tell you if you're in or not. Good deal.</p>

<p>There's a flip side. Stanford told S's athlete friend that they would be happy to have him there, but no athletic scholarship.</p>

<p>a girl at my school (this is not a joke) was recruited for track this year by over 15 schools. some of them were standford, ucla, duke, virginia, virginia tech, and one ivy i think. she turned them all down for the university of tennessee. what a dumbass! lol. she had full ride offers from all of them too! she has the US record for fastest mile time of any girl under the age of 18... ohh around 4:45. she almost went to the olympic trials before her senior year of high school (.02 seconds from qualifying)</p>

<p>The exact same thing happened to a girl at my school. She played field hockey and Princeton called her at school to tell her that they admitted her.</p>

<p>you say athletes in college have no life because of the sport/academics, but think about it. If thier that good to get into an ivy based on just athletics, athletics probably IS thier life.</p>

<p>I want to play lacrosse for in college, but im thinking about it.
College isnt the last step in life, contrary to popular belief.
If your grades stink, what are you going to put on your job application? "Played lacrosse in college"??!</p>

<p>Wow...a girl at my school runs a 4:46 mile or so. :P That only makes her the fastest girl in the state 2 years running. Full ride to Stanford though</p>

<p>I go to University of Tennessee; they have very good track program, better than you think.</p>