Princeton Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

I don’t see a thread, yet, for 2025 so I thought I’d start one. (Apologies to the moderators if I missed it.) Since Princeton has eliminated EA for now, all applicants will be RD.

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Im seeing this kinda late, but how are those supplements going for everyone ?

Pretty good. Are you allowed to self-report scores for Princeton?

I called up their admissions office, and they said self-reporting is OK.

@yagirl932 My kid has completed their supplements and is working on putting the finishing touches on after receiving input from their HS counselor and a current Princeton student. How are yours going?

Wondering if there will be overall fewer or more applications to P this year (ie will others already have committed to schools via ED1 and ED2). Thoughts?

@kls1014 We’ve wondered the same thing.

Our schools applications are almost doubled this year according to Naviance.

College advisor here. As a general rule of thumb, don’t stress over the number applicants and focus more on your application. Especially given the unique circumstances of this years, your essays will be important to standing out over other applicants – it’s your chance to show your personality, your passions, and why you’re meant for Princeton. If you’re able to articulate these well, the Princeton AOs will be able to best judge if you’re meant for their school!

Please reach out with any other questions regarding the Ivy League admissions process.

Ethan (AimIvy)

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I haven’t started them… UCs were a huge thing and now I am finishing up some other RD apps.

actually there are also applicants going through questbridge, and there are 99 students matched to princeton. So far, 99 spots for the class of 2025 has already been determined.

Hey guys! For the Princeton essays, the prompt says to respond in about 250 words, but the Common App textbook allows for up to 350 words. Which word limit should we follow and would it be bad to use up the 350 words?

I would use up to 250 words

Almost done with my app but the conversation prompt is killing me because I don’t know how to talk about “insight I gained”.

i just had my interview and it was so great!! def moved princeton up on my list, and made me more eager for decisions :))))


@dianawallis My D was admitted Princeton 2024 regular decision. She noticed that the text boxes allowed higher word count than the prompt limit. She stayed within the stated word limit.


did you get interviewed before you applied??

no. i sumbitted my app in mid-late oct and then i received an interview request earlier this month. though, i don’t think this is a universal standard.

oh, nice! apologies for asking, but what is a universal standard?

i don’t think that every applicant will have the same experience as me.

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