Princeton Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Accepted and shocked


I was waitlisted to JHU, so life just doesn’t really make sense

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spent the last hour calling family and friends lol but I got in!!! i got rejected from harvard and waitlisted at brown and columbia! this was quite the shock!!!


Congratulations! Can you please share your extracurricular stats



Great! Princeton typically is one of the Ivies with solid financial aid so I guess you did get that good news today!

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Congrats!! Would you mind sharing your stats?

Well you can say that again. They gave my student a very generous package. Even better than UVA in-state. And better than Duke, which was quite decent.


congratulations, that’s amazing!! <3 <3 would you mind sharing your stats/ecs? Only if you’re comfortable!

Harvard and Princeton are the two best in terms of financial aid for middle class students. My son’s top choice was Vanderbilt - they gave him no aid. He was sad. Then Harvard let him in the next day (he was in last year’s applicant pool) and covered his tuition. Yes, we are paying less than we would our state school!


I’m the mom so I’m not sure about all the stats, and my kid is downstairs jogging on the treadmill like a hamster in a wheel to burn off excitement/energy.

I can tell you when I read the app the other day, the Essays sold the app.

I remember GPA is 4.0 UW 4.7 W
Rank 1/350
4 years tennis
17 AP classes
4 Honor Societies
SAT was ~1500
Clubs all related to major

My daughter waitlisted at Cornell, Columbia and Princeton.

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Oh and no interview

test-optional, 4.0 GPA UW, multiple intl/national awards in film and music, strong essays?, solid interview.

Thank you! Here are my stats -

1540 SAT
4.1 GPA UW / 4.8 GPA W (Rank 4/270)
AP Chemistry - 5
AP Human Geography - 5
AP Psychology - 4
AP Physics 1 -3
AP Lang - 5
AP Seminar - 5
This year I am taking four AP’s and two dual enrollment courses and I am an AP Capstone Diploma candidate.
NHS President
Senior Class Vice President
Varsity Field Hockey 4 yrs + Captain this year
Bowling team 4 yrs + Captain this year
Outdoor track 3 yrs (cancelled last year bc of covid)
I also have a hostessing/bussing job at a local restaurant where I work 15-25 hrs/wk during the school year and 30-40 hrs/wk during the summer.


Any international student who got accepted?

Citizen living abroad who got accepted!!! With basically full FA!!! this doesn’t seem real omg. Also waitlisted from Columbia

Thanks for sharing-my daughter got rejected and heartbroken of course. She put much time into this application. I do have a question-I read lots of comments “strong essay”. I did not read her essays, and even if I did, my opinion of strong may not hold weight. I read lots of AO comments that they want to hear from the student and can tell when students are “overly coached” for essays. How do you determine a “strong essay”? Did your students have a teacher or mentor read the essays? (She has the opportunity for a few more schools and scholarships from accepted schools). Thanks for any feedback and congratulations to all who got accepted!

yeah, I’m from the UK and was accepted

what were your stats