Princeton Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. They had the same information and time line as every other school. And had until the school start in late fall to go to the waitlist.

Sorry for the confusion - I realize now that I misunderstood part of your argument, so my response to the comments I quoted doesn’t make as much sense as I thought it did at the time. I’m going to bow out from further discussion.

I agree there was no choice for Princeton, but it still is extremely disappointing to be in the class of '25. I was waitlisted, but I feel as if in a normal year I would have been accepted (for reference, I have an older sibling who attends Princeton as well). I saw her disappointment when Princeton announced all-virtual at the LAST moment, but hey, they care about their students and made a choice for them.

However, I am refusing to dwell on my waitlist, instead, doing frantic research about my other options to make my best decision.

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Are you sure Princeton wants a LOCI? My son is also waitlisted and per the portal they don’t want any more info.

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I apologize, I also read that later. Will not be submitting anything.

It sounds like a lot of people do it anyway? Pretty sure my son is not going to, but he’s also questioning whether Princeton is the right choice for him and he has other good options.

They probably do so, considering it doesn’t explicitly say you cannot. It’s close by for me, and is of course, Princeton so I’ll see

Congrats to those accepted! A bit late here, but son was accepted!

4.0 UW
1570 SAT
Advocate for immigrant and refugee students
Advocate for curricular reform
Several leadership roles at school including football captain
Several national awards
Founded micro-business at Mexican orphanage
Private boys school
Rigorous course load
Strong writer

DD decided to give away Princeton for Hopkins premed.

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@Rajam Congratulations and good luck, My S give up MIT for Princeton for Premed! Tough Choices.

Got accepted off the waitlist!! I did email a prof who said he’d put in a good word for me, but his response was only Monday evening, and I sent a sort of continued interest email on Monday morning, so IDK if those affected that decision or not.


Congratulations and welcome!

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Thank you!

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Prof at Princeton? Thanks

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