Princeton Class of 2027 Official Thread

Do Princeton send out likely letters? Or are they only for athletes or other specific groups?

After the app deadline, I emailed the university to ask for permission to have an additional rec letter sent for my research paper. However, my professor didn’t send his letter. Will it affect my application in a bad way? All the mandatory and optional rec letters on the common app were sent, though.

What documents did they ask?

I don’t think you need to worry about this at all.

My kid’s financial aid portal has one new item below but we don’t know what to upload. How about you guys? Thanks.


everyones has this I believe. FYI

Have this as well. Assumed it was if there was something you wanted to upload, this was the general category for it and place to do so.

Hi did anyone else receive an email with Congratulations ________! your Financial aid application has been received. I was asked to send it on the 1st of February.

When did you submit the FA info? Recently? Did you receive the email from them today?

I received the asking email on the 1st of Feburary and I received the Congratulations on the 8th of Fenurary.

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Everyone did. Relax. 1st feb is too early anyways

everyone gets it after they submit the pfaa

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Yup, got that on 24th Jan. shouldn’t mean anything just a way of acknowledging your financial application.

is anyone able to login to this?

The username is a Princeton ID that is only available on the acceptance letter

It doesnt come in the Princeton acceptance letter. The NetID will come via email about a month later, in May…

Fair enough… Still the fact that u need an acceptance letter to access it doesn’t change :slight_smile:


Admitted students’ pages (like the one linked as well as the infamous Harvard one)
are designed by sneaky ill-intentioned high school students to skim and get access to innocent HS students’ login information. Actual admitted students’ pages are INTEGRATED INTO YOUR ADMISSION PORTAL.


Instead of trying to use exploits or hacks and incite fake chaos

We literally have to wait less than a week for actual results


Oh f. Shitt. I’m changing my password right now