Princeton destroys Yale in coolness

<p>Just thought I'd let you future Yalies know that. I know Harvard/Yale have a rivalry but I don't care about Harvard because it's not important. I think Princeton and yale should have a rivalry now. </p>


<p>good for you. I bet you feel special now with your post, don't you? :) you get a star for today</p>

<p>lol but according to Yale, "Princeton doesn't matter"
Did you hear the story behind the bulldog on the princeton gutter?</p>

<p>Princeton is like...the God of colleges. It could eat Yale.</p>

<p>ps. thanks for the star!</p>

<p>do you want a cookie?</p>


<p>this thread is so stupid</p>

<p>I want a cookie.</p>

<p>ok, cookies for all you guys <3</p>

<p>so you were accepted by princeton and rejected by yale, huh?</p>

<p>I knew all you Yalies would be ****y.</p>

<p>why don't we save this argument for when we're all in college.</p>

<p>i like cookies also.</p>

<p>Not rejected by Yale...yet...
could be rejected both, now wouldn't that be depressing
<em>grabs cookie to eat in dark depressing corner</em></p>

<p>Ahh, I could have guessed.</p>

<p>lol, you guys are funny.</p>

<p>oh no zantedeschia! not a match or safety!</p>

<p>lol...princeton ppl are taking over Yale</p>

<p>as it's not enough that we make 1,200+ posts on our own board</p>

<p>i love how all the princeton posters run over here to post haha</p>

<p>If we get into Yale, we should eat cookies to celebrate.</p>