Princeton ED yield rate

<p>Anyone have this number? Im pretty sure its close to 100 percent.</p>

<p>I'm wondering because I want to know if Princeton regularily ends up denying admission to those who have senioritis. (which would be horrible because then they would have no schools to go to!)</p>

<p>I think around 5 or so kids don't end up matriculating per year</p>

<p>its around 67-69% it fluctuates from year to year. no school has 100% matriculation</p>

<p>subject was ED matriculation</p>

<p>i looked at one of byerlys postings a while back and it looks to be around 98/99 percent</p>

<p>makes me wonder what happend to those people!</p>

<p>on what situation do they reject you after you were accepted ED?</p>

<p>well, if you can't afford it at all you can end up not matriculating, but in that case they are not rejecting you, you are choosing not to go. I don't know about people who have their early admittance rescinded, though.</p>

<p>is there some standard of academic achievement admits must meet to matriculate? eg only 5 Bs, no Cs</p>

<p>It would be close to, but not, 100% due to to the following reasons:</p>

<li>An ED offer, while not conditional, may be withdrawn if performance drops</li>
<li>Under circumstances with significant financial difference between ED and RD admit, ED schools have been known to release those students</li>
<li>It is worthwile to note that ED is binding only within the American college system</li>