Princeton Financial aid 2011 tax returns?

<p>I've submitted my Princeton ED. However, for Financial Aid, they want me to send W-2 Forms and 2011 tax return forms, but my 2011 tax return forms aren't yet completed, nor will they be completed until next year. What do I do? The deadline for ED Financial Aid is November 10th!</p>

<p>Also, they want my FAFSA forms, but FAFSA doesn't open until January....</p>

<p>Thank you for your help!</p>

<p>Read the P FA instructions carefully:</p>

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<p>FAFSA is due for ALL applicants to P by April 15.</p>

You will be asked for copies of your parents’ 2011 federal income tax return(s) and W-2 (wage and tax) statements when they are available. We strongly recommend that you provide these documents by March 15, 2012.