Princeton Interview

<p>I got an interview notification yesterday. I'm usually pretty busy every day of the week except Monday, and so I emailed him back and told him so. </p>

<p>But his response was, "Monday is good, but I'm also available to meet later in the week."</p>

<p>Does that mean he really would prefer meeting on a day other than Monday? Would it be better to accommodate my schedule for this?</p>

<p>I may be reading too much into this, but if that's really what he means, I don't want to appear like I'm not willing to be flexible...</p>

<p>Please help.</p>

<p>You are reading too much into this. He said Monday was good. He probably mentioned other days on the chance that your schedule might have changed. Relax, enjoy, bring your resume and a question or 2 - and you'll do great!</p>