Princeton, NYU, USC, Wesleyan...

<p>I asked for my chances a while ago, but have since then edited my list. I have some new schools and want to know what my chances are.</p>

<p>1450 SAT (800 V, 650 M)
740 Lit, 740 Writing, 640 Bio E (I am SO not a math/science kid)
97% GPA = 4.0
5 or 9 / 121 (weighted rank)
Decent ECs (Theatre/Performance heavy), Decent Essays, Good Recs (I read them)
Boston University<br>
Dartmouth College<br>
New York University
Princeton University ED
Swarthmore College<br>
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern California
Wesleyan University</p>

<p>Those are all of the schools and all of the stats. Now what do you think?</p>