Princeton Online App

<p>I was just wondering whether I can register for the online app, but print everything out and submit them in paper instead of online. I want to elaborate more on my ECs and theres not enough room on the online app to do so.</p>


<p>Sorry but I'm having trouble understanding your dilemma. Why don't you just use the paper app?</p>

<p>I want to type my application so since I can't save a PDF file, I have to use the online app.</p>

<p>for EC's if you need more room..just attach a separate sheet and say see attached sheet.</p>

<p>Just call the admissions office and ask. It sounds fine to me.</p>

<p>Anyone can make a pdf file as long as your OS is new enough. Google PrimoPDF--it's a decent PDF file maker. Anyway, if that's something you'd rather do, that's how.</p>