Princeton or Yale?

How would you choose?

For students who are Stem-leaning or interested in Economics

Moot point unless one was accepted to both. One (or both) is more likely to make the decision for you.


I’d like to hear the forum’s views on these colleges, thanks for sharing generously!

Princeton (town) >> New Haven

Princeton (college) is stronger in anything Engineering, Math, CS, Economics
About the same in Physics
About the same in Humanities

Yale may have an edge in pre-law and business (although that’s fake subject anyway).
Yale may have an edge in pre-med and med-bio related things.

So if STEM and Econ are areas of interest, seems Princeton confidently wins.
But it’s not to say that Yale would be a bad choice, lol.

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Why did you apply to both of these colleges? That is the most important question for you to answer. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted to both, which one checks off more of your boxes. That’s what matters the most.


Seems like a good problem to have, to choose between these two.


Depends a lot on what you are looking for. Economics can be fairly broad as can “STEM” In either case, you would do well. YOU really need to do the homework and look at the curriculum for each school. Then ask specific questions. There might be things which one school offers and the other does not.

It’s doubtful anyone has gone to both schools for those subjects. Best case would be a parent who had two kids at each. But still what you are looking for should drive your final choice. You really need to know what’s important to you and how important each factor is. Many students don’t look carefully under the covers at the actual programs. But it’s very important esp. when you are making a final decision.

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thank you!!

Need to choose one for Single choice early action. Still deciding my major, may take my first year to explore before deciding. That is why I said I am LEANING towards certain areas of interest…


I am biased, but I would go to Yale over Princeton any day of the week. I speak mainly through the lens of student culture. The culture at Yale is, by reputation, much more warm, inviting, and creative. Both universities obviously have wonderful STEM and economic programs, the slight variance of ranking is not going to significantly affect your career opportunities nor the quality of your education. Of course, this is totally up to you. I applied to Yale (not Princeton) from the perspective of a humanities/arts major, so there is some difference there as well.


You’d be lucky to get into one of the two. If you get into both, then pose the question again.

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Princeton probably has the edge with STEM and economic. You can’t go wrong with either of these school. Most are very unlikely to get into both of these schools, let alone one.

This is on the Princeton website…there might not be a SCEA option for the 2021-2022 application cycle.

“The University will move to one application deadline of Jan. 1, 2021 for 2020-21 first-year admission cycle. You may apply to Princeton for first-year admission through regular decision. Before you begin preparing your application, we strongly encourage you to review our standardized testing policy . Please check back for information about the 2021-22 application cycle.”






Just make sure you check the Princeton website for what’s happening in your application cycle.

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Since you are interested in STEM and economics, perhaps also look into Operations Research and Financial Engineering, for which Princeton is well-regarded.