Princeton Preview Day

<p>Do they fly students out to Preview Day for free, or is it just based on financial need? I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that students can fly over for free, but it seems strange to do that for everyone. Is it only based on financial need?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it's based on financial aid. I didn't fly to preview though, so I'm not absolutely sure how it works.</p>

<p>In the acceptance package they send to admitted students, they'll include a note about offering financial assistance for the preview weekend if they feel you would need assistance in order to attend.</p>

<p>I drove, so I don't know....but I highly suggest calling Finaid if you think you won't be able to make it, and they aren't paying.</p>

<p>They'll send you an email offering to fly you out if you're mine a few weeks ago. They're extremely generous though, so I'd recommend contacting financial aid about it if you received any substantial financial aid from Princeton, because you're probably eligible.</p>

<p>Princeton is very generous. I'll be driving and they offered to reimburse me for driving mileage. They notified me by email as well.</p>