Princeton REA 2020

I applied REA to Princeton. I’m also applying to UCB, GaTech, UIUC, etc.
What are my chances in getting in these colleges?
Where else should I apply with these stats?

Gender: M
Location: India
College Class Year: 2020
High School: Private


GPA - Unweighted: Above 4.00
GPA - Weighted: Above 4.00
Class Rank: top 5%
Class Size: 100


SAT I Math: 800
SAT I Critical Reading: 740
SAT I Writing: 790

SAT II Math Level 1 (IC): 800
SAT II Math Level 2 (IIC): 800
SAT II Physics: 800
SAT II Chemistry: 790

AP Physics C (5)
AP Calc BC (5)
AP Calc AB Sub (5)
AP Microeco (4)

Taking AP Computer Science, AP Physics C Magnetism next year.


Won a lot of Debates (state and national level
Worked as data analyst in a start-up;
Interned under a professor at IITD;
Co-founder of website/company DOt New Beginnings (educational)
Co-founder of website Knowledified
Winner at many Math and Science competitions
Captian, School Hockey team;
State level table tennis-3rd
National Golf

Leadership positions

House Captain
Member of school councli, academic council, sports council, environment council

Volunteer/Service Work

More than 100 hrs;
teach underprivileged children
Met HH Dalai Lama XIV in Dharamshala
Worked on tiger conservation in Ranthambore with Govt.

Honors and Awards

Excellence Award–3 times; (for overall excellence)
Subject awards in Math, Chem, English, Sanskrit, Science, SSC since class 8 (for proficiency in subject)
Grade Card Distinction since grade 8 (for getting above 85% consistently)

College Summer programs: 2 online courses with UIUC

Have decent-good essays.


UIUC - 99.9%
GT - 95%
UCB - 70%
Princeton - 35%

What are the other colleges I should apply to?

@someguy1234 ^^ Thanks! Any other colleges I should apply to?