Princeton Regular Decision

Hello! I applied to the Princeton regular admission deadline (mainly because I got my fee waived), and was wondering what reply I can realistically expect. Here is some information regarding my HS portfolio.

GPA: 4.0 UW / 96.7 Cumulative
ACT: 31 (Retake?)
Class Rank: 30/c.400
Course Work:
Multiple AP courses
Four years of foreign language (French 1-AP French)
Extracurricular Activities:
JROTC: 4 years involvement, as well as multiple leadership positions.
Drill Team
Orienteering Team
Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC)
*Junior Leadership and Academic Bowl Championship (JLAB)
National Honor Society
National French Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
French Club
Model United Nations: Secretary
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Youth Alive (Religious Club)
Varsity Archery Team: Co-Captain
Member of local church’s Student Leadership Team
Member of National Geographic (just for funsies)

 (Perhaps a few more)

Strong Letters of Recommendation
** General Douglas MacArthur Foundation Leadership Award
** General George C. Marshall Leadership and Academic Award
** Pritzker Foundation Citizen Soldier Award
JROTC Superior Cadet Award
JROTC Sons of the Revolution Award for Military Excellence and Bearing
My HS Cougar Award (for upholding strong moral and academic principles)

Sorry if I provided too much information, I just wanted to provide anything that I thought would be helpful! I appreciate the insight of all, and wish all a happy 2016!

JLAB was an academic competition across the globe with approximately 1700 participants. It consisted of two rounds of trivia-like questions based on multiple textbooks. After two rounds, 40 leadership teams were selected to compete in Washington D.C, and my team was among them. We ended placing 20th, putting us in the top 1%.
Awards won by my team at JLAB

Also, I forgot to mention. I have already been accepted into the Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi, and Purdue University as well.

Definitely retake to boost your chances

what reply I can realistically expect


Well, speaking realistically, especially at a school like Princeton, You shouldn’t get your hopes too high. You are definitely a qualified applicant and competitive but lots of qualified applicants get rejected. Retake your ACT to boost your chances.

low chances. high reach- ECs look like a laundry list and the ACT is pretty low

when applying to these schools, nothing is guaranteed. it all depends on what the university needs. For example, if they need more orchestra players, they will take more orchestra players. etc. etc. SOOO many students with a 4.0 gpa, 36 ACT, and perfect EC get denied every year. They might see something in you that you weren’t even thinking about. If you will make their school look good, they want you. Don’t have your heart set on one school, especially a school that is a far reach for even the most “perfect” of students. Look up GPA, SAT, ACT graph insert school name. You will find a graph of students accepted, their ACT score, and their GPA. it is HELPFUL!!

also, to add in something from my hippie perspective of life: if you want something badly enough and the universe thinks it is right for you, you will receive it. The universe gives you what it thinks you deserve. NOT what others think you deserve. GOOD LUCK GETTING INTO UR DREAM SCHOOL(S)!!!

so screw everyone who says u don’t have a chance! who are they? are they admissions people at the school? did they graduate from the school? i didn’t think so. just live your life man, because after you get in, you’re going to be stressing about graduate school…

in other words, theres always a reason to stress and worry about the next chapter of your life, so just love it and live it because if you don’t get into Princeton, you will still get into one of the top schools in the country, i guarantee you.

The typical ACT range (circa 50%) of applicants to Princeton ranges from 31-35, so I am within that range.

I appreciate the honest, albeit terse response. As of 2016, the story is the same at pretty much every selective university. One cannot truly offer something to a university that hasn’t already been offered.

@chicagogirl3 I like your attitude!
The admissions process is so holistic at Ivy’s that it is almost impossible to tell if someone will be admitted (unless said person has cured cancer). Good luck to OP!