Princeton Rev: AU #4 Best Quality of Life

<p>Here's something noteworthy: The Princeton Review has ranked Auburn University #4 in Quality of Life:</p>

<p>The</a> 10 Colleges With The Best Quality Of Life: Princeton Review List
This is just a slideshow of the top 10 schools in the category. There are some heavy hitters on the list, like Dartmouth and Rice. </p>

<p>Here's another link, on for a more detailed story:
Princeton</a> Review college survey pegs Alabama, Auburn as "jock schools" |</p>

<p>Yes, AU also made the "Jock Schools" list, and the not-so-great "Financial Aid Not So Great" list. UA is on a few lists as well, including "Jock Schools" and the rather dubious "Students Who Study the Least" -- which is especially curious, since the dean's list and president's list at UA is pretty massive. Hmm...
War Eagle!</p>