Princeton review - 11 practice sats

<p>what do u think ...r they realistic ?</p>

<p>someone ????</p>

<p>As in, the book with 11 practice SATs? I think they're harder than the actual test. On the practice tests, I was averaging like 670s and 660s on each section, and on the actual SAT I got 740 on all three sections.</p>

<p>thank u GoldShadow , other opinions...</p>

<p>i think there realistic... i my opinion princton review practice tests are better any other companies</p>

<p>I'm using Princeton Review too. If these tests are harder than the actual one, that's a very good thing!! :)</p>

<p>On CR & Writing, I've been getting around 640-700 on the tests. Math, over 700 every time. (But is it true that if you get 4 wrong on Math, it's only a 720)??</p>

<p>I think it depends on the curve.
btw guys, I have heard a rumor that the october SAT is always the hardest.....?!??! I know it sounds ridiculous cauze all the SATs are the same and bla bla bla but what do u think of this moot question :)</p>

<p>I think they're pretty realistic too.</p>

<p>I find them harder than the college board's book and the SAT I took in march. I think the questions are slightly different too which bothers me. But its definitely good practice.</p>

<p>from what i've done on pr 11 real's (old vrsion), their questions aren't very realistic. i prefer kaplans.</p>

<p>Math is harder, CR/W is easier</p>