Princeton Review book?

<p>The guy at Barnes and Noble told me to buy the Princeton Review Cracking the SAT/ACT books. He said they were the best and that most people come in asking for them specifically, so I bought them.</p>

<p>Now all I hear is Blue Book Blue Book Blue Book. They didn't have any of those and B&N, and I haven't heard of them until CC.</p>

<p>The books were pretty expensive, so I don't want to buy a different book if I don't have to. My question: Am I safe with the PR books? Is the Blue Book really a must have?</p>

<p>I don't want my SAT fate to be in the hands of what some chubby guy at B&N told me. Second opinions?</p>

<p>yes, Bluebook is from the MAKER OF THE TEST!, You'd want that. PR is good, but their questions arent like the ones on the test.</p>

<p>Blue Book definitely. It's not really great as a strategy and prep book, but it's indispensable for the practice tests. Blue Books (The Official SAT Study Guide) are pretty cheap on Amazon...</p>

<p>How many books did you buy? It is definitely worth having the Cracking book and Blue Book, and if you need more practice tests, the 11 Practice Tests book from PR. Those three are the best ones for SAT I prep IMHO. Worth the money.</p>