Princeton Review's 2010 Top 10 Party Schools

<p>Tulane is NOT one of them. We're</a> No. 1! UGA tops party schools ranking | General Headlines |</p>

<h1>11 for Great college towns</h1>

<h1>14 Best quality of life</h1>

<p>cough (3rd for lots of hard liquor) cough</p>

<p>Pres. Cowen has long lamented Tulane being on that list I'm sure. The fact that TU wasn't anywhere in the 20 strong list is another feather in his cap and more proof that the school is moving in the right direction. I again must admit that I'd had my doubts about Cowen but post Katrina he has done nothing but gain my respect for making tough decisions. </p>

<p>Granted, I'm sure the olive and blue will be right back in there next year, lol, but it's nice to have a break. A lot of schools relish being on the party school list but I've never personally been a fan.</p>

<p>Yes! We made #3!! haha</p>