Princeton Review's book English Section..

<p>The English practice tests in the Cracking the ACT book don't seem to correlate with anything I have ever experienced in any ACT test. In addition to this, the book is riddled with errors. A question with a semicolon makes the correct answer to be one that has a fragment after the semicolon. (that is as un-confusing as I could make that sound :P) I scored a 26 on This while have been scoring 31-33 in the red book. </p>

<p>Anyone agree?</p>

<p>I totally agree. The Princeton Review seems to sometimes test the wrong type of questions. Additionally, some of the answers simply dont make any sense, and their explanations aren’t convincing enough to show me that the answer I chose was not the best. I still only score about 1-2 points lower though, and given that im a 32-34 english person, its just a couple of questions.</p>

<p>Princeton Review seemed dead-on accurate for me.</p>

<p>Example please? I have been doing all my studying from the PR Cracking the ACT 2010 version. I am now very concerned.</p>

<p>LaTina, do NOT be at all concerned if youve been studying out of the Princeton Review book. I was just pointing out that sometimes the book doesnt give precise enough explanations (such as why I cant use a pronoun in a certain place) for my liking. If anything the princeton book for me is more difficult than the tests in the official ACT prep book. I study using both princeton and the official ACT book and theyre book pretty much equally beneficial.</p>

<p>Yes can you give some examples please, I’d like to know.</p>

<p>yeah same. i scored a 31 on princeton review’s english section and scored a 27 on a real practice test! hmm?</p>

<p>I just took the #2 test and scored in the 30’s. I must have just had a fluke test. Later tonight I’ll post some of the questions that I thought were flat out wrong and see how you guys got to the right answer :)</p>