Princeton Supplement Hodgpodge Questions

<p>I was bored and was looking at the Princeton Supplement but I'm not sure how good my answers would be for the hodgepodge section, especially my favorite recording. Is the following OK? So far I've thought of...</p>

<p>Favorite Book: War and Peace by Tolstoy</p>

<p>Favorite Website: Facebook</p>

<p>Favorite Recording: Rocketeer by Far East Movement</p>

<p>Favorite Movie: Gattaca</p>

<p>Favorite Keepsake: My dog's collar when we adopted him</p>

<p>Favorite Word: Cellar Door (Is it okay if that's actually 2 words?)</p>

<p>I maybe wouldn't put facebook, and instead put a website that tells them something about you (but still is truthfully a website you visit a lot).</p>

<p>What about my favorite recording? is it okay if its like hip-hop genre? idk how they might take that</p>