Princeton University Class of 2016 SCEA Thread

<p>Hey everyone! I made this thread for all prospective Princeton SCEA applicants so that we can all congregate, commiserate, and congratulate one another!</p>

<p>I guess some starting points for conversation could be...
1. Have you submitted your application yet?
2. How many people are you applying from your school?
3. How do you feel?
4. How's senior year going?</p>

<p>I guess I can start. Hopefully this thread amounts to something.
1. I submitted my common app, supplement, and test scores! School forms are on the way.
2. About 3 are applying, not sure about any athletes.
3. I kind of feel wishy washy about my chances... it's kind of like an emotional roller coaster and some days I feel like I'm going to be admitted while others I feel like I'm going to be deferred.
4. Senior year is stressful. Curse you first quarter grades.</p>

<li>Haven’t submitted anything beside test scores.</li>
<li>Three are applying early, I think.</li>
<li>I think I’m a pretty strong candidate and am a good fit for Princeton. Honestly, I’d be fairly surprised if I were rejected.</li>
<li>Great! Especially since I’m applying early, I’m not feeling too much pressure to stress over classes. Plus, being on top of the school is a nice feeling.</li>

<li>Test scores submitted, and my application is just about done, but not perfect yet.</li>
<li>Nobody. And nobody has ever been accepted to Princeton from my school in the last 10 years.</li>
<li>There’s nothing “outstanding” about my application. I have the GPA and test scores, but my EC’s don’t really stand out. I wish I found the cure to cancer or something. I’m not counting on getting in, but it’s still my first choice.</li>
<li>Meh. Not so good. Grades are looking good, but the college anxiety is hurting. Hopefully I can have some fun when all of this is over.</li>

<p>Nice! How many do you guys think will apply to Princeton early and be accepted?</p>

<p>My estimates are ~4000 applicants and ~800 acceptances.</p>

They’re going to accept over half of their class during SCEA?</p>

<p>We can’t compare ED to SCEA, but Princeton used to take half of their class early. They will take a lot, for sure.

  1. Submitted supp and common app today!
  2. 4 early. Last year, 16 applied overall. (5 got in). (No scea last year).
  3. Okish. 2 of the other 4 are legacies.
  4. Optimistic</p>

<p>I think they will admit 500-600 candidates. I think the pool will be about 4,000 applicants too.</p>

<li>nope >< stilll working on supplement essay</li>
<li>zero :P</li>
<li>very very stressed. everyone else applying scea seems so amazing.</li>
<li>very fun but pretty stressful.
@atypical why do you think that??</li>

<li>Only submitted test scores so far… will submit Commonapp, Princeton supplement, and arts form on Thursday.</li>
<li>About 20 applying, maybe 10 of them applying SCEA.</li>
<li>I feel very nervous about this… my test scores are relatively low, and my grades aren’t spectacular.</li>
<li>Stressful… all of the classes I took that were supposed to be the relatively “easy” classes turned out to be my hardest classes…</li>

<li> I have not submitted my essay yet- I am in the process of editing essays for princeton and a public school. Lol, I don’t think I finished my EC list either (I found it disheartening, since I am afraid I don’t have enough).</li>
<li> I don’t know. Most likely there are about 5.</li>
<li> Like decillion, some days I am very hopeful. Other days, not so much.</li>
<li>Okay. I think i will get all A’s (the first grading term is almost up…).</li>

<p>They would not assume everyone would matriculate, so doesn’t princeton accept about 2000 people every year (and then only 1300 make up their class). So 800 would not be unreasonable.</p>

<p>^According to <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;
2300 are accepted, 1304 are enrolled.</p>

<p>Welcome to the wonderful crew of kids applying to Princeton. We have helpful adults on this thread, parents and alums, so don’t hesitate to ask us for advice or moral support.</p>

<li>Tweaking my supplement essay, I’ve already sent in my Common App + test scores.</li>
<li>Only me from my regular high school, 2-3 from my magnet math/science center, although most people there go the Harvard route. We typically send at least one or two kids to an Ivy every year.</li>
<li>I feel okay. My numbers are up there, I’m a pretty good writer (been published, whcih was rad), so I’m confident about at least my Common App essay, and I have a lot of political experience that should set me apart, but I also understand that it’s incredibly difficult to get in and I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up.</li>
<li>Senior year is going. It’s not going well or going badly. It’s just going. I’m taking Arabic at a local university, which has been interesting (if ridiculous), but I’m not really enjoying my classes that much. Hoping for all As, but my Arabic teacher hasn’t given us any indication of how well we’re doing, so that’s a little scary.</li>

<p>Where else are you guys applying?</p>

<p>Applying to Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Penn, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Tufts, and safeties RD. However, if I get in SCEA I’m done.</p>

<li>Yup! Submitted about a few weeks ago</li>
<li>I think I am the only one, maybe one other person</li>
<li>Feeling ok, I’m getting recruited as an athlete but that’s never a guarantee</li>
<li>Senior year is going pretty well, I just cant wait for the first quarter to be over!</li>

<p>^Being recruited helps a lot though. :)</p>

<p>Is anyone else writing the essay for engineering? I cannot locate where it gives a word limit, so should I just assume it is 500? Or maybe I am partially blind and someone could kindly point that out to me.</p>



<p>The manual typed entry give “Characters available 4000”. I guess we should use that as a guide?</p>

<p>Okay that is probably what I will do. Princeton probably didnt include a word limit on purpose. xD</p>

<p>Is it wrong for me to assume that the lack of traffic on the Princeton thread and the Princeton Class of 2016 SCEA thread, in comparison to the heavy traffic on Yale, Stanford, and Harvard’s respective threads, suggests that a lot more people will be applying early action to Yale/Harvard/Stanford? I know CC isn’t representative for the entire applicant pool but I mean a good chunk of HYPS applicants are on this forum.</p>

<p>^ i feel the same way. also at my school, a lot more people are doing yale/harvard ea than princeton…
what effect do you think that will have on admissions rates?</p>

<p>Just submitted my SCEA application! =]</p>