Princeton University Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

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Is Princeton not requiring CSS profile anymore? Looks like they have their own application from this year for requesting financial aid. Can someone help me with this. I just want to make sure.

Princeton has always had their own application for FA called Princeton Financial Aid Application (PFAA) for as long as I remember. It specifically states that Princeton does not require nor accept CSS Profile:

Apply for Financial Aid | Princeton Admission.

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Does Princeton accepts outside Letter of Recommendation?

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Does Princeton accepts outside LOR?

I checked in the website it says” we believe that the required teacher references and a school counselor reference give us much of the information we need to make thoughtful, well informed decisions. Additional letters are only helpful if the person writing the recommendation knows the candidate well and can provide new , detailed information “.

The instruction is clear regarding outside LOR, i.e., only submit it if valuable. In my son’s case, as an example, he did submit an outside LOR from the conductor/music director of a national youth orchestra. As concertmaster, my son had a close working relationship with the conductor. In this case, he provided a valuable, additional information in the letter that his high school teachers and the school counselor weren’t able to provide.



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As another example my D17 took part in a research opportunity between her high school and a local university. She wrote a research paper and presented it at an International Conference as a junior and she had the Research Advisor from the university write an LOR.

Community service is a very important component of the Princeton application - their unofficial motto is “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.” It will help to have leadership and great grades, yes - but moreso, his involvement in his community.



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If I applied to Princeton SCEA two weeks ago, when should I hear about an alumni interview?

This isn’t true. On the common app, the family contacts question varies by school. For example, UVA asks only about parents who attended the schoo, UNV asks about extended family.

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I thought so- I have not seen my kiddo’s common app, but she mentioned that Princeton did indeed ask about family members other than parents so she was able to list her grandparent. She hasn’t mentioned any of the other two apps she finished asking.

It depends on the interviewer. Some interviewers are prompt, some aren’t. It could also depend on the availability of interviewers in your area. Two weeks out, it’s still a bit early with the mid-December decision notification timeline. Give another week or two.

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Should be soon. My kid applied a few days prior to Nov. 1 and was contacted last week.