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Can anyone explain the music department at Princeton clearly? Is there a 'music major', a BMus, or just a random musicology/theory/history thing going on?</p>

<p>Don't get it...</p>

<p>same for yale, too. i guess.
What's the difference between princeton's Certificate in Performance and a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Music?</p>

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<p>stringkeymom and team_mom have students at Yale and Princeton respectively. Might be worth pm'ing either if they do not respond within this thread.</p>

<p>At Yale, there's a B.A. in Music, but it doesn't have a performance track. There is no B.M. There are plenty of opportunities to perform (although generally not for credit), and the option to get lessons for credit.</p>

<p>Princeton's Music Department and Yale's undergraduate Department of Music (not the Yale School of Music) are academic departments and the degree granted is a Bachelor of the Arts with Music as the major area of concentration. This is not a degree in performance, although Princeton does offer a certificate in Performance and a special program that subsidizes a year abroad in the Royal College of Music in London. Princeton is very committed to building its performing arts and is recruiting a lot of talented musicians, so the orchestra is strong and the chamber music coaching is excellent. If your emphasis is on flute performance, it would be important to meet the faculty who teach flute to see if there is someone you would want to study with. Princeton will also (in certain instances) subsidize private music studies with teachers in New York or Philadelphia.</p>

<p>Yale does not offer a certificate in performance. Students who want to take private instruction for credit must audition in the fall. Some of the teachers are on the faculty of the Yale School of Music, others are on the regular undergraduate faculty. It would be a good idea to contact the flute teachers you are interested in and meet with them.</p>

<p>I live in Princeton and my son took music courses at the University while in High School; he's now at Yale majoring in music, so if you have any questions, feel free to PM.</p>