Print Preview - Summers

<p>I have about 60 characters left in the text box in which I wrote about what I've done for the past couple of summers, but a large chunk of the essay is cut off in the print preview. Does anyone know why this is, or if this matters? =/</p>

<p>^ that's strange; if it's cut off on the print preview, it probably will be cut off on the actual form when they download it</p>

<p>it shouldn't have cut off, though, hm that's strange</p>

<p>Eh...I guess I'll try to cut it down a little more, then.</p>

<p>you shouldn't have to, though, since you're still within the limit.. maybe e-mail common app and ask them, or the princeton admissions office and ask them (if they'd know)</p>

<p>i think contacting common app is your best bet</p>

<p>Good idea, Peytoncline - thanks! I just submitted my question to common app, so hopefully they'll get back to me about it soon.</p>

<p>they're usually pretty fast about responding; i've asked them a couple questions, and within a few hours they responded back to me</p>

<p>The common app. got back to me really quickly...I had left a space between each paragraph and that messed up the entire format, but now everything is fine. Thanks again for your advice!</p>