printer question

<p>For an incoming freshman who is going to buy a new printer, would you recommend a laser printer or an inkjet printer?</p>

<p>does anyone know how much printing costs in the libraries? and how does the free printing work for haas students?</p>

<p>You can get by without a printer. You can print things at the ASC or at the library for 5 cents (4.5 cents for double sided). You will rarely need to print anything in color. The only downside is that it's not always feasible to get stuff printed when you need it. For example, you need to print a paper at 2 am that is due at 8 am the next day. This happens a lot more often then you might think.</p>

<p>If you're going to buy your own printer I would say laser no doubt. You probably won't be able to get color but toner cartridges are a far, far better value than ink cartridges. For reference I bought a laser printer a year ago, which came with a smaller starter toner cartridge. I still haven't had to replace it.</p>

<p>Laser over ink -- since laser printers are often considerably more expensive in initial outlay, try and get a used one if you're watching pennies. A lot of L.A. law firms are downsizing/closing, so picking up one of these in good working order is pretty easy. Toner lasts a long time, especially if you know how to take it out, shake it and get another month out of it!</p>

<p>The last two sentences by cavilier are very true. And there's no leeway in turning papers in on time.</p>

<p>I just use the OCF</p>

<p>Open</a> Computing Facility at U.C. Berkeley</p>

<p>You seriously don't need a printer on campus. There's so many places with great printing.</p>

<p>That being said, I still have my own printer because it makes things slightly more convenient.</p>

<p>I definitely recommend a laser printer because even with excessive printing, you'll only need to replace the toner once or twice throughout your four years here. They don't smudge, work nicely with cheaper paper, are much more reliable, and require much less maintenence. Not to mention, the cost per page usually ends up being slightly cheaper, and your essays literally come "hot off the press."</p>

<p>You can find a decent monochrome laser printer for around $60. They usually come with partially-filled toner, but even those will last you much longer than several ink cartridge replacements.</p>