<p>Should I to bring my own printer for my dorm or do people just use the school's printers?</p>

<p>same question, BUMP!</p>

<p>I would suggest it. I know my D really appreciated having it.</p>

<p>Many will suggest an all in one copier/scanner/printer. I don't suggest those because there are too many things that can break and the ink is expensive.</p>

<p>Something like an HP P1006 is a better option IMHO. It is small, so fits on your desktop. It is laser, so uses toner cartridges instead of ink that last a long time and you can buy remanufactured cartridges on amazon for cheap. Plus it is really fast.</p>

<p>anyway, that is my 2 cents worth.</p>

<p>I'd bring your own printer if you can - much more convenient than having to run out every time you want to print something. I brought my all-in-one printer/copier/scanner because it's what I used at home, but it's not really necessary (though I did appreciate being able to copy/scan things from time to time).</p>

<p>So I just bought a great all-in-one printer cause that's what I'm used to and I'm going to need to be able to copy and scan. The new printer has you think I'll be able to set this up so that I can print wirelessly from my laptop? How do you think I would go about doing this? Would it involve setting it up with the school's wireless internet (red rover)?</p>

<p>I like my printer scanner copier. I've had it for two years. nothing has broken, and I've used all three functions many times.</p>

<p>i know for my classes, having a printer may as well have been mandatory. every document and assignment we got was in pdf form and it helped a lot to print them out. same for FWS's, it's really convenient to be able to print out your assignment and then your essay without having to go to a library or appel.</p>

<p>@runner43: I believe you should be able to link your laptop to the printer using an ad-hoc wireless network that you can set up, using your computer as a router. It wouldn't involve the school's wireless Internet as far as I know.</p>

<p>@rgnburd19: The convenience of having a printer in your own room has its merits (see above) but like almost everything else, it's not an absolute necessity and you shouldn't feel obligated to have one by the time you move in. You can always get one online or when you return home during one of the shorter breaks during the fall. That said, here's a thought: over your four years at Cornell, what you might save printing pages on your own machine will cover (perhaps even several times over) the price of purchasing one early in your time here, simply because the 'real' cost of printing each page is nothing like the 8 or 10 (or howevermany) cents that Cornell charges.</p>

<p>get a job that gives you access to a school printer for free :D</p>

<p>i just got a small black-and-white laserjet printer. its pretty nice. Its the HP p1102w</p>

<p>@cc102: And what sorts of jobs would those be?</p>

<p>No free printing anywhere in Cornell?</p>

<p>^that's correct.</p>

<p>@ansar: Yes, I was a little annoyed when I first found out. Other schools (offhand, I remember Princeton and UIUC) offer their students anywhere between several hundred and unlimited free pages each semester/year. Quite a few things at Cornell (PE classes, gyms, buses after the first year etc.) seem to incur additional costs that I had expected to be part of the original price tag.</p>


<p>usually a library job. technically you shouldnt be doing it for free, but its very easy to once you have access</p>

<p>most of those are because they are services that are only limitedly taken advantage of, and therefore only those who use them should have to pay for them ;)</p>

<p>I totally understand that chendrix. I wouldn't want to be paying for some guy who prints out entire volumes or wants to take golf classes all eight semesters on my tuition dollars. My qualm was with how these costs aren't as visible as I'd like them to be. I just don't like being surprised to the tune of 'college just got X dollars more expensive'. But while we're on the subject (which happens to be an epic digression, sorry OP), I'm just curious, what else at Cornell incurs additional expenses, in addition to what I mentioned in #15 + laundry?</p>

<p>@feral24: that is unnecessary. </p>

<p>get yourself a printer, they are not that expensive or use net print if you dont mind being inconvenienced. you don't need to become a librarian to save the 9 cents per sheet.</p>

<p>somni, do you like to disagree with everything i say?</p>

<p>i never said it was the only option. i was answering someone's question about what kind of jobs would let you print for free. which a library job is.</p>

<p>@srrinath: or student administrative asst jobs or comp lab jobs. free printing AND getting paid to do your hw? HAH. WIN.</p>