<p>What's the printer situation like? I have an old printer I could bring, but I would prefer not if the printers in the dorms are adequate. So, basically, I'm looking for information on prices, reliability, capability, etc. Thanks.</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but I've heard it's a good idea to bring your own. I think you're alloted a certain number of pages or something, so sometimes using the campus printers is better if you're printing out a project that takes a lot of ink. But having your own for regular stuff is a lot more convenient, I'm gonna bring one down with me.</p>

<p>I have my own and I actually would recommend not bringing a printer! There are network printers all over campus that you can print to from your dorm room, and most of the dorms actually have printers (or if not the one next door does that you can print to through the network). For the year you get $100 of printing which is a lot for most majors (at $.10 a page). Overall, while it can be handy to have a printer in your room, I just don't think it is necessary and I will not use mine a lot of time so that I can use some of my print quota. Up to you, it is convenient, but ND is well setup so that you don't need it.</p>

<p>I would recommend not bringing a printer. You actually get $100 worth of printing per semester and each page costs 10 cents. Color printing is 75 cents per page but you will rarely be printing in color. With print cartridges so expensive these days, it is well worth it to use up your print quota.</p>

<p>I bought my computer recently and selected the Windows Media Center Edition OS. I recently noticed that the Office of Info Tech said that we should only get XP professional b/c its what works with the printer clusters. Does XP Media Center work with printer clusters or not? Do i need to spring for a copy of XP Pro? (I chose Media Center b/c its cheaper and has some nifty features).</p>

<p>I think it should work. I am actually a computer tech (though I study psychology, I know) and really the difference between Media Center and XP Pro is very small. The only difference appears to be the ability to connect to a domain, but you shouldn't need that to print to a network printer. <a href=""&gt;;/a> Because of that, my vote is that you are fine. If not, you can get XP Pro really cheap on campus, so don't stress it, but it should work. If you remind me, I will help you get your computer setup.</p>