Priority Alumni Interview Deadline

<p>I am aware that there is a priority deadline to receive an alumni interview for RD applicants on December 20; however, I was unsure if this meant that all of your application had to be received. I am waiting to hear back from a school this Friday, but my Duke app is completed. Do I need to send my standardized test scores now, or can I wait?</p>

<p>Send immediately after you hear about your early application and you're still watning to apply, and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Alumni interviews do not require your application to be complete. They just need something submitted by you as a signal that you intend to submit an application and to open a file for you.</p>

<p>SBR: I respectfully suggest that something more than a "signal of intent" is required by the 20 December RD "priority interview deadline." Duke Undergraduate Admissions indicates the following on their website:</p>

<p>"If you submit your Common Application, including the Duke Writing Supplement, by the appropriate deadline and there is an alumni interviewing committee in your local area, a committee member will contact you via phone or email to arrange an interview.</p>

<p>"Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee members will make every effort to contact the students in their areas who have applied Early Decision or met the priority Regular Decision interview deadline, and students who do not meet these deadlines may still have their names forwarded to alumni committees in their areas. However, because of the large number of applicants and limited number of committee members, we cannot guarantee an interview for every applicant. If we are not able to offer you an interview opportunity, please be assured that it will not affect your chances of admission in any way."</p>

<p>Therefore, according to the foregoing information, both the Common Application and the Duke Writing Supplement are required to be submitted by the 20 December RD Priority Interview Deadline. However, from many years of experience as a AAAC interviewer, I can assure candidates that many -- but not all -- who apply after 20 December will also be interviewed.</p>

<p>My son never interview for Duke and he received a full ride (Robertson). I think it depends where you are from.</p>

I’d like to be considered for an Alumni interview, however, I don’t think I’ll be able to submit as strong of an application as I’d like to in these next few days. If I were to submit my application after the priority deadline, what should I do to increase my chances of getting an interview? Is it recommended that I submit my application as early as possible? Should I state in the additional comment section that I’d like to be considered? Please let me know any advice you all have. Thank you :slight_smile:

From what I have heard about the admissions process getting an interview doesn’t impact the decision too much. There’s not even a guarantee you get one even if you apply by the priority deadline. You definitely shouldn’t send in an application you know isn’t your best just to meet the deadline. I’m also fairly sure all you have to do to be considered for an interview is check a box in the application so there shouldn’t be any need to say anything about it in the additional info section.

I applied on the 18th to meet the priority deadline and haven’t gotten any portal yet. I’ll email my counselor later today, is this any cause for concern yet?

Yes, agreed that the Common App and writing supplement should be completed for the priority deadline, but OP was asking about test scores being sent by the testing orgs. I agree with SBR that that should not be a concern. One should still be on file and assigned by the AAAC chairperson in their area. In other words, your application does not need to be 100% complete with all the applicable information mailed by the appropriate parties, but you should have at least submitted the application and writing supplement. As stated above, Duke tries to interview everybody anyways and doesn’t have a huge impact in most cases.