Priority given to SOAR?

Hi, I’m attending WASH-U in the fall in the College of Arts and Sciences. I wasn’t really keen on attending SOAR, but I’m now wondering if priority for getting into classes is given to students who attend.

From my understanding, yes, students who attend SOAR get to register for classes first and thus have a higher chance of getting their first choice classes. But I’ve also heard that students who don’t have the opportunity to attend SOAR get to register for spring classes first! Personally, getting to St. Louis is too difficult, so I won’t be attending SOAR.

I didn’t attend SOAR before freshman year and I got into the classes that I wanted. You get to register slightly earlier for spring classes, yes, but the difference in registration time isn’t that significant. Another thing is that you meet a lot of ppl at SOAR. Some of my friends met their closest friends during SOAR and I wish I had that opportunity.
But if I could go back in time, I still wouldn’t have gone to SOAR because $$$, and in the end everything worked out