Priority Hold

So, final on campus auditions have concluded. People are receiving Priority Hold notification emails. Will they hit us up soon with a rejection notice if we do not end up on priority hold?

I looked back at last years thread and it appears that a few students were placed on P HOLD even in March, so sit tight!

That is pretty encouraging. Thanks so much!

Someone posted in another thread about calls of acceptances being made now - on pins and needles in our house! Curious how many “yeses” to boys and girls have gone out…and how many are waiting on priority hold! So far, it seems as if a couple of boys and a couple of girls have received acceptances? Now is the time to realize that it all comes down to fate!

I have heard through a friend whose D goes to Texas State that Texas State has made several offers (3-4) to girls and (3-4) to boys. So if that is true there are still offers to be made.