priority housing number

<p>does anyone know if 2,100 is a really bad or low number? I paid but dstill might go to UCF</p>

<p>It's neither really bad or really good.</p>

<p>If I may ask. When did you do your FSU housing application and not asking in a negative way, why did you wait almost two weeks ? Also, you number appears to be average . Thanks</p>

<p>i thought i was going to ucf for sure will i get my first or second choice with this number /</p>

<p>It depends on what your first and second choices are. Last year my daughter's number was 2250 and she got her third choice of Jennie Murphee with her first two choices being Wildwood and Degraff.</p>

<p>Does she like it there in that dorm and did she join a sorority</p>

<p>Yes she does like living in Jennie Murphee. The location is convenient to most of her classes and the library. She wasn't originally thrilled about being in an all female dorm, but has not mentioned it since. She did join a sorority and the eastside dorms are closer to all the sorority houses. The negative with pledging and the eastside dorms is the mandatory meal plan. I can only speak of her sorority for sure, but members can eat lunch and dinner at the house (which is part of her dues). Her sorority gives members with a mandatory meal plan a discount and campus dining also gives a discount, but we are paying more than if she lived elsewhere. She has said that in retrospect she is glad she did not get assigned to Degraff and Wildwood, mostly due to location.</p>