Priority number

<p>With a priority number in the 1100's, what dorm do you think I will get?
My choices were
1) Wildwood
2) Broward
3) DeGraff
4) Salley</p>

<p>If I was offered honors, do I even need a priority number for Gilchrist?</p>

<p>My son was very low 1300's and got into Wildwood this past fall.</p>

<p>avenged, you'd likely get into Wildwood. Either that or Degraff. I'd bet Wildwood, since there's (if I'm recalling correctly) over 500 spots that aren't designated for LLCs.</p>

<p>runescapeowns, You need a priority number to get ANY on-campus housing. And since there are more people that are accepted into the honors program than can be housed in Landis or Gilchrist, yes, you need a priority number. And the lower the number, the better your odds are of getting Landis or Gilchrist.</p>