priority numbers?

<p>i heard 1 through 1000 is "excellent", but wanted to confirm that? i got 178 and it seems pretty high as farfetched as that sounds.</p>

<p>133...waited allllll night to get that number, and i'm happy with it!
remember, 18,000 applicants were accepted so our numbers are excellent.</p>

<p>Think about it...each residence hall has hundreds of beds...there are 14 do the math:)</p>

<p>178 is ridiculously low. You will have your pick.</p>

<p>My son was low 1200's and got his first choice (Wildwood) and was also offered Landis.</p>

<p>Ok, I'll do it for you...1621 community-style beds, and 3725 suite-style beds = 5356 available beds. </p>

<p>I think you'll be fine ;)</p>

<p>And that's not counting the halls that are only available to returning upperclassmen.</p>

<p>i chose wildwood over salley, i'm looking at the map and i think salley is WAY better...what do you guys think? i mean, the math department is literally walking distance from it. also salley is suite-style and i heard its more social than wildwood, am i missing something?</p>

<p>also, thanks math geek...:p and there's like 400 beds/ yeah i guess i didn't think about it</p>

<p>ALSO...whats the difference between double and double with bath, in suite-style? two rooms share the same bathroom, right?</p>

<p>The rooms in salley are very, very small. The beds have to be bunked.</p>

<p>Just curious to know where the 18,000 acceptances info comes from.</p>

<p>Who u calling a geek?:/</p>

<p>Double with bath means you won't share the bathroom with another room. They are more expensive and there aren't that many of them, so if that's what you want, in that instance a lower priority number would be very desirable. </p>

<p>There will also be less people to interact with, so if you are anti-social (and don't want to change), it's a good choice ;)</p>

<p>I have no idea how many acceptances are extended but the actual freshman class will be somewhere near 6200.</p>

<p>ohh, alright. i'm gonna stick with double then. i was contemplating choosing single w/bath but don't wanna end up being a hermit, ha</p>

<p>well i looked at their floorplans and honestly i dont think they're much different in terms of bedrooms, plus i'm really liking salley's little study room</p>

<p>Do we lose our priority spot in housing if we don't pay our admission deposit or our housing fee right away?</p>

<p>you have 10 days to pay or you lose your #</p>

<p>@jossie okay so they will keep my spot for 10 days. When do we know what dorms we will be in? Anyone know</p>

<p>There's a significant amount of emphasis on "little" in the study room. There are going to be 4 people with desks in that room, and it honestly isn't that big. </p>

<p>Wildwood is within walking distance of the Math department as well. It's less than 10 minutes. I usually left for a 5:15 Calculus class a few minutes after 5 and was always there before 5:15.</p>

<p>You will find out your housing assignments in early June (for fall semester).</p>

<p>Your admission deposit is not due until you accept admission. May 1st is that deadline.</p>

<p>Last year housing assignments came out via email on June 3rd.</p>

<p>pasbal: the food/those 10 minutes could be a deal breaker when it comes to my schedule. after all, 10 minutes made a different in priority</p>

<p>That does not change that the room is extremely cramped with 4 desks though does it? </p>

<p>Of course you can go to the library to study. You aren't going to want to go every night though, and eventually you would have to deal with the rooms being extremely cramped.</p>