Private day school placement tests

<p>Hey, so I'm supposedly taking a Spanish, math and English placement test sometime this week to evaluate which classes I'll be placed in at my new private day school. </p>

<p>I've always been in the highest-level classes and I'm really nervous to take the tests :/ </p>

<p>Any suggestions on preparing or are these tests made for no preparation? I have absolutely no clue about what will be on the tests. Math is my worst subject.</p>

<p>Trust me, no preparation is needed whatsoever. Of course, it won't hurt to look over a few notes (specifically for math, since it's your worst subject) or maybe go over your midterm exams/study guides. Those tests are just made to see what kind of level would be best for you, and, if you need to study for those kind of tests I think it kind of defeats the purpose of the test completely. The reason they don't tell you what is on the test is because they don't want you to prepare - the material on the test is material that they know you've already covered.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response, Josh, but what if my teachers have not covered the material or haven't taught the material well? I've had some terrible teachers at my public high school. Should I let the private school now if some material on the placement test has not been covered? Do you know what kind of math will be on the placement test? (Algebra 1, Geometry..?)</p>

<p>I would expect that your class placement will be based only partly on the placement test results. Much of the class placement will be based on the math class you took last year, how well you did in that class, your entrance exam results, and your own input about the right level for you.</p>