Private Education: Worth the Hefty Pricetag?

<p>Hello everyone... everybody's helped me so much in the past, so I was hoping you could all help me just a little bit more. ;)</p>

<p>So I've been feverishly trying to make my decision between Georgetown and Cal for the past month, and the result so far is... I am still completely evenly split between the two.</p>

<p>But this got me thinking: is the siezure-inducing pricetag of a private school worth it? I am instate for Cal, so will I really see where that extra $20,000 per year makes a difference, or will they be similar in terms of academic quality and future opportunities (grad school, jobs, etc.)?</p>

<p>So should I bite the bullet and pay the extra $80,000 because I will gain so much more, or if I go to Cal, will I pretty much graduate with the same opportunities and a similar education?</p>

<p>Any help at all is greatly appreciated. :o</p>

<p>When people say cal, is it berkeley? If we're talking about UC berkeley, I would pick it right away. I think it's better than Gtown academically and for job placement. It's more prestigious. I guess it narrows down to what you want to study. Gtown is known for its international relations while berkeley is better for business and the sciences.</p>

<p>Yes, "Cal" usually refers to Berkeley.</p>

<p>And Berkeley is waaaaaaaay better than Georgetown, unless you want to do Public Policy Studies/Political Science/International Relations.</p>

<p>bekely is ahead of GT in rankings by a few spots</p>