Private Messages have been imported!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for two months to see your old private messages and I’m happy to say they have been imported. Go take a look.

Now there are a few oddities. For instance, the list looks something like this:

The titles, “Conversation #”, don’t mean a whole lot and it can be hard to tell who is involved in the conversation. In addition, the date format is confusing. These messages were in the month of May, 2020 and not on May 20 as it might appear. We’re looking into changing the date format across the board because it definitely is confusing to many.

On the plus side, you can search your messages. While in your message list, just hit the search icon in the top bar:

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.26.55 PM

In addition to searching on words in your messages, you can search for messages from another user to you:

There have been all sorts of technical challenges to get private messages imported. Thank you for hanging in there with us.


Thank you!!

I guess thank you. Is there still a way to delete conversations you don’t want anymore in PMs.

Yes. Sorta. You can Archive them:

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 9.18.52 AM

That moves them into an archive folder. You can also do this as a bulk action by selecting the list icon a the top of your inbox:

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 9.20.42 AM

@CCadmin_Jon this announcement about PMs being restored is a great example of why the community and forum areas should be front and center. As you know, I am pretty good about checking posts. If I had seen an unread post in this area, I would have read it. I didn’t, because I seldom scroll past that list of musical theater schools.

I moved it up in front of the MT schools. Might be worth subscribing to the category, though? As I said elsewhere, this isn’t set in stone. We need to balance various user cases. The new platform gives us more options, but picking the right combination might take a bit of trial and error.

Is there a way to get the ones that just have a number and conversation 2838348…into their normal headings or is this just what it is? I had things I used as a reference and now basically gone