Private or Public Colleges for Design Related Programs?

<p>Although I understand that personal talent, passion and skill really matters more than does the institution, does private institutions have the edge over public ones when it comes to design related programs?</p>

<p>No. Some of the best design programs are at Public Us (like U Cincinnati).</p>

<p>I’d say that it all really depends on a lot of factors…For one, you’d typically observe that some US based public schools are so good at design education while at the same time some international institutions such as Milan’s Domus Academy outstand in many ways. If by any chance you want to decide where you want to be studying, I’d say that you put the private/public metric aside and judge schools based on individual merits around factors such as industry recognition and resources.</p>

<p>No. Actually, you might be better off at a public school. UVA has an amazing school of architecture. Many small, private schools don’t even have design programs (more so liberal arts colleges). I would look into schools with a wide variety of majors but where you would get a good overall education. What specific type of design are you looking at?</p>