Private student and Uni admissions (Ivy league and MIT(

Hello, I just want to ask about the effect of doing A-levels privately (equilevant of homeschooling)on university admissions, does it disadvantage you in anyway? and if someone decides to do A levels privately, what about the teacher recommendation and school reports?

Since homeschooling without A levels does not impact admissions negatively, I am not sure why with A levels would be any different.

Students who homeschool submit transcripts created by their homeschooling authority (it may be a parent or it may be a cover school…depends on the law controlling your homeschool.)

My kids have used online tutors or outside teachers for LOR or they have used adults who know them in non-academic contexts (Boy Scout leader, youth group leader, etc.)

Fwiw, I don’t know much about A levels, but as homeschoolers, finding schools willing to let a student take APs can be an issue. I would suggest researching where you can take your A levels.

A levels can be readipy taken at tye place I am currently at so it is not an issue,

Regardless of what kind of school you do, if you’re shooting for top schools, you’ll need outside letters of recommendation. You will also need someone (usually the parent, but sometimes someone else) to write the counselor letter and school profile unless this is a very unusual situation (homeless, no parents, single parent who works full time and isn’t involved). I strongly encourage you to find an adult who can advise you.

Agree you want to find a place to take A levels well in advance of the actual exams.