Private study space

I am a parent. My son is trying to make final decisions on where to go. Something that is important to him, is having a place where he can be alone. Obviously, they share a dorm. So, that won’t be a place. He is a social person, but he is also the type, that needs alone time to recharge, or he gets overwhelmed. Are there any such places on this campus? A quiet room where he could just hang out by himself and think and chill? Thank you!

This is an excellent question! We visited the campus and I know that there must be some place like that. Maybe a question for admissions?

Sometimes you can use an empty classroom at college. Or music practice rooms IF you are a musician (not cool if you aren’t). Hopefully he can get a single sophomore year.

I know he can get a single room sophomore year; my son was in a suite with 2 doubles and a single.

Not sure about private study spaces, but I’ll ask my son. He is the same way, but his freshman roommate left early in the year so he ended up in a de facto single. The campus is pretty big, I’m sure there are places one can go to be alone.

Most of the college libraries I’ve seen have some pretty quiet nooks and crannies.

My son says there are private study rooms in the library, in the Anderson Commons, and in just about every academic building, that anyone can reserve.

My son is a sophomore at DU. There are definitely places to “escape” and study/recharge alone. During a recent visit he showed us spots he likes to go when he really needs to focus. He is a VERY social kid … thrives on having others around, but from time-to-time needs alone time too. He finds it on campus and also ventures off campus to coffee shops, the botanic gardens etc. to regroup. The University of Denver has been a wonderful place for him.

Thank you everyone for the replies! We will be there this weekend, for the incoming student event. We plan to ask, I told him that I thought there had to be places he could go. We also knew that there are sophomore options. He just has to make it through the first year! I told him the best place would be the library. When we are there this weekend, we will ask for sure. Neither of us have been to Denver and are very excited to explore, both the campus and the city!
From pictures they both look beautiful!

@froggieos1 how did you like the visit?

How was your visit? Were you able to find good quiet places on campus? That’s an excellent question, really, for any campus.

We had a great visit. Loved the campus. The freshman dorms, well are not the best. Overall we liked it. He has decided to go there!

We did also find some quiet spots. In the library and in the computer science building. I am sure he will find more!