Privates > Public ??

What are the advantages a private can offer that public schools can't ??
Also, does privates tend to drink and party less than publics ??
and by the schools, i mean the top 50 or so</p>

<p>Public schools are cheaper than privates
Public schools are generally larger than privates however there are some cases such as TCNJ and William & Mary</p>

<p>nyu is huge.</p>

<p>UC Merced is small like a private at a public price... not for long.</p>

<p>Privates can party just as hard as the publics. I've got friends at privates and some of the stuff I've heard is well...shocking. I'm at a pretty big public, and because it's so big it's a lot easier to avoid the partying than at a small private school.
The price tag is generally a big difference too. Yes, scholarships can help, but, publics generally are cheaper. And you CAN get a good education</p>

<p>Look at the list of the top schools in the nation and you'll notice that the majority of them are private schools. There are some good state schools, such as UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>Top public school:</p>

<p>of west coast: UC Berkeley
of east coast: UVA</p>

of east coast: UVA


<p>William and Mary, Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech all give UVA a run.</p>

<p>Gatech vs. UVA, you really can't compare the two, they're very different.</p>

<p>And you're forgetting University of Michigan, without a doubt one of the best public universities in the country.</p>

<p>K, we got the best publics on the coasts...what are the best publics for the other regions? Rocky Mountain, Midwest, etc?</p>

<p>There are none!</p>

<p>Michigan in the midwest, I can't think of any in the mountains off the top of my head. Justl ook at the US news rankings.</p>

<p>uvajoe, so there are not "best publics" in the Rocky mountain and midwest regions? Not everybody wants/is able to go to the coasts for school. </p>

<p>I know, you are probably taking the "nationwide comparison" (according to what the biased, Ivy league gradauated editors, USNWR says) mindset for this question...but I meant more of a regional comparison.</p>

<p>IMO, the Rocky Mountain region has some good public schools in Colorado and Utah.</p>

<p>The Midwest/Central has some great schools in Michigan, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana.</p>