Probability of getting off the waitlist

<p>I'm number 2 on the waitlist for Math 232 and I know the waitlists are dropped on August 14, so I was just wondering the probability of getting off the waitlist? I really want to take this course bc I am afraid that I will forget everything from calculus by second semester and I want to do something math related as a career so I am afraid that if I don't start now then I will be really rushed later on to finish the requirements for whatever major I ultimately decide on. Right after my orientation I was number 6 on the waitlist and every other day for like a week I moved up a spot, but I havent moved on the waitlist in over a week and I am kinda freaking out bc there are not of classes left open that I want to take. Should I email the professor? Could I try and add this class during the first week of classes? Thanks in advance for your help!</p>

<p>Math is one of those classes that people change after they go the first day or so and get an idea if it will be too hard or too easy for them. If you keep a close eye on the class, which it sounds like you're doing, for the first couple of days you'll probably have a good chance of getting in. However, your safest bet is probably to email the professor and voice your concerns.</p>

<p>E-mail the professor and just show up to the class and sit in the first day and talk to the professor after the first class. I guarantee you people will drop after the first test, and you can join the class after that for sure. I've had friends do that before, stay in a class, do the work, and add after people drop. Usually professors are pretty cool about it. The only time this doesn't work is for labs.</p>

<p>Not sure how many classes they're offering now but for the 2009 fall enrollment, they show 9 math 232 courses they offered and how many seats were available and taken. Only 1 of the 9 classes ended up full. Seats were available in all others. </p>

<p>UNC</a> Chapel Hill Directory of Classes</p>

<p>Assuming 2010 tracks the same way, you should be able to get in one. I know the 9AM and 2PM MWF classes had seats available last week. They had waiting lists but showed more seats available then folks on the waiting the available seats were being artificially held.</p>