Problem: Still Haven't Sent Scores After Deadline?!?

<p>Okay, I submitted my app on January 20 (after midnight so I guess my chances of getting in are screwed) but I realized now that I didn't even sent my scores to them! Does that mean instant rejection now?</p>

<li>It was highly irresponsible of you to finish an app PAST last minute, especially for a regular deadline. This could have been avoided had it been done earlier.</li>
<li>Call admissions and ask if you can submit the scores. Althouh these should have been sent ages ago, since the last test you could take was in December. So I doubt theyll make an exception since it is not technical error.</li>
<li>Do you mean you never sent it to them or that the App says they have not been recieves?</li>

<p>Why so harsh and judgmental Nuplex? "It was highly irresponsible..." What if the OP had some personal conflict or perhaps a difficult situation that prevented s/he from completing/submitting the application before the deadline day? In regards to OP, the best thing to do is to call the Admissions office first thing tomorrow and inform them of your situation. Ideally, all of your documentation should arrive around the same time period, but you should just call and see what they say.</p>

<p>Im not being harsh, but blunt. Im not going to sugar-coat so people can be dissapointed later. Id rather tell them what I honestly feel, that way if the opposite happens, they can feel good and laugh at my harsh reply.
I am not a psychic, and the op did not mention such personal issues. I have assumed, maybe wrongly, that this is ordinary procrastination.</p>

<p>I'm just saying, the OP came here for some advice. Yes, you can state your opinion/advice in whatever tone you wish, but there was no need to be harsh and judgmental at the OP due to the fact that s/he submitted the application on the regular decision deadline day.</p>

<p>Eh, youre right. I have to watch my tounge. Its kind of hypocritical since Im not in their shoes. I do wish the best of luck to the OP, though the internet doesnt differentiate between judgemental and well-meaning.</p>

<p>"Does that mean instant rejection now?"</p>

<p>No, you'll have to wait a bit before you get rejected.</p>

<p>Dude I wouldn't even call admissions, the deadline was 10 days ago, the sheer amount of paperwork and influx of organization that is going down over there right now is going to make your SAT score submission nearly invisible in terms of lateness. Just send the scores now priority shipping or whatever.</p>

<p>You're gonna be fine, I sent my envelope for priority deadline January 7th, and I'm still getting my admission decision tomorrow. The online app is the 'central' timestamp per se.</p>

<p>It's easy to look at things that way but the fact is, I've been in annoyingly close contact with my are admissions rep, and I just took a trip down there last Friday while they were stuffing acceptance envelopes. </p>

<p>The fact is, when it comes to documents, they are dealing with up to 5 loose leafed documents, any number of digital scores, and an online application for each of their 23,000 applicants. They want things on time because it's easier to organize but they have to account for the fact that some high schools are much bigger than others and take longer to release transcripts, that occasionally envelopes will get lost in the mail [my personal situation.] </p>

<p>You already paid the application fee, send those scores and if they ask just be honest and say it slipped your mind. But if they don't ask, you're in the clear.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding guys, I'll just send the scores to them. @Nuplex - it's ok if you're harsh on me, I do understand the consequences for not getting things on time.</p>