Problem: where should i go, saint mary's or USF?

<p>I have a huge problem! can you please help me decide where i should go, usf or saint mary's? USF didn't offer me a scholarship however saint mary's offered me a $10,000 scholarship each year.. i really want to go to USF but then the scholarship sounds good! what should i do? which is the better school?</p>

<p>Have you visited either of them? I had the same dilemma for a while, and now my dilemma is Saint Mary's or UC Davis :/</p>

<p>But I visited both campuses and I honestly didn't like the vibe at USF. Saint Mary's was very quiet but it at least felt more like a community. I don't know which one is held more highly prestige-wise though. I would think USF?</p>

<p>go to St. Mary's. It's a better school than USF.</p>

<p>USF is in the city and Saint Mary's is in a suburb in the hills. Which do you like better? Do you like cool weather with grey skies? Do you like a quieter environment or the hustle-bustle of a city?</p>

<p>Both will provide you with a good education. The one you choose will be your home for four years. Which one seems more of a fit for you?</p>