problem with CR strategies

<p>I've read many SAT prep books. Everyone has different stratetgies. Now i'm not too good with english, so i don't do well on the CR section.
i've been told that I should read many books and pick one and stick with the strategy taht gives me the highest score. but right now my problem is, i score low withe every strategy.<br>
My question is should I learn to get use to the strategy? Or u ugys think if I don't have a higher score, then obviously the strategy does not work for me, so i should try another one.</p>

<p>Another big problem..<br>
CCers have been trashing kaplan stuff so much that i don't try as hard when i do those problems. I have the blue book , the white book, and the kaplan practice test book (8 practice tests) . i'm taking the SAT in May so i want to ssave the best to the last. If i start of with kaplan, will it actually misguide me and decrease my score???? And is the white book the same as the red book?<br>
thankyou very much</p>

<p>Take every practice test seriously! Since your taking the SAT in May its best to save the Collegeboard book for last when you feel you're well prepared. The strategies are basically the same they are only shown in a different way. The best CR strategies are Grammatix's so try them and stick to them.</p>