problem with rank

<p>Would columbia look at varying course loads in proportion to class rank, because in my school the top 10% has more than a 4.0 GPA, and this is due to kids taking honors music classes such as chorus honors, which anybody can get into, and other easy honors classes which constitutes of a remedial course load and remedial music classes which are weighted, while I took almost all APs and honors and have a 3.9. This puts me in top 20% since my school sends out deciles. Will this affect my admissions chances?</p>

<p>It COULD affect your chances, although perhaps not in a major way. If you run the AI Calculator, a top 20% clearly results in a lower AI score than being close to the top. You can't do much about the grading system, but you could ask your counselor to include a note in his/her recommendation explaining that you took an extremely challenging courseload. The counselor could even comment on how you compared to students taking a similar courseload, although I wouldn't count on that.</p>

<p>Interestingly, your school's situation is the opposite of most high schools. It's pretty common to hear complaints like, "weighted grades aren't fair to arts students since all the weighted classes are math and science." Good luck!</p>

<p>could you explain the AI system and how I cold try and calculate...</p>

<p>i'm a little confused with rank...on the columbia app, i think it says CUMULATIVE rank...what does this mean?</p>

<p>misscompetent go to my thread - "RANK VS CUMULATIVE RANK, ANYBODY?" to get more info</p>