problem with SAT scores received by UCs

hm when i went on the UC app site it showed that i had self-reported scores AND it received by scores officially. however, later i went on and both were gone =/ anyone else having this problem?

does anyone know when the deadline is for UCs to receive an offical SAT score report? i’m getting worried heh.


<p>oh nvmd. it came back. sorry about that, guys =P</p>

<p>however, i'm still wondering about the deadline. just in case =) thanks</p>

<p>They say the deadline is late January.</p>

<p>cool, thank you.</p>

<p>hmm oh yeah. i was wondering if anyone is in the same situation as i am. on the general UC application status site it says they officially received my SAT scores. however, on the UC riverside application status site it says they haven't. thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Relax... I had the same problem... SPECIFICALLY with UC Riverside, and I contacted them.</p>

<p>They said as long as I took the SAT's IN DECEMBER or earlier, then the scores will be on there. UCR just takes forever to update their online database for the "myUCR" accounts. So, if your scores are showing up on the official University of California status webpage, then you're fine... UC has your scores.... Its just UCR lagging lol....</p>

<p>But remember...... The latest scores they're accepting are the ones from December and earlier... NO LATER THAN DECEMBER!!!... or else, you've got a problem.</p>

<p>haha oh i see. thanks so much for clearing that up!! =D</p>