<p>Ok i live in gainesville and moved from Daytona beach. i messed up pretty bad my freshmen and sophomore year and my GPA was atleast at a 1.6 1.7. this past year at my new school i brought my gpa up to about a 1.943 and currently doin summer school and grade forgiveness to make up for the freshmen mistake and raise my gpa the colleges i want to go to is FAU FGCU,or Armstrong Atllantic State University and Im Going to Be A Senior This year. What Should I Do And What are my chances to get into some of these schools? UF FSU And Miami is out of the question lol</p>

<p>Even with a 2.0-2.2 GPA I think it’s a really tough sell. You’re probably going to have to do community college for two years, get your AA and then finish up at university once you’ve proven to them that you can hack it (which a lot of people do so don’t give up).</p>

<p>I don’t know what FGCU’s stats are and I’ve never heard of Armstrong. I do know that FAU’s average GPA starting Fall 2011 was 3.55.</p>

<p>Keep doing what you’re doing, go to CC even for a year and then apply to transfer somewhere. You might get lucky after one year. If not you stick it out for two, get the AA and then do your last two at a university (maybe even UF, who knows)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>