<p>I sent in some applications already, but I wrote down the Math Level II exam because I'm taking that in a week or two, but the problem is-can I still change my SAT II on test day? Would that hurt my application in any way? Thanks.</p>

<p>sure you could always switch tests on test day....but whether that will hurt will depend on the context of the application - what school, major etc...</p>

<p>in my apps, i filled in math2, phy, and french. i wasn't quite sure if i was gonna do USH [us history] in the nov. exam, so i actually registered for math2, math1 and phy. but on the test day, i did us History....</p>

<p>...I'm planning to take French in i filled in the 3 i was very sure of - French, math2 and phy. [i had also taken math2, phy and writing in january, so i filled out all six spaces]</p>

<p>i don't think what you filled in should deter you from taking the test in which you are likely to do better in.....if you really think you need to switch tests, then don't hesitate to call or email updated test info. i emailed to say that i did math2, phy and USH in the november exam.</p>

<p>whatever the case may be, having the best results possible is what i think matters most. btw, what subject are thinking of doing in lieu of math2?</p>

<p>World History. I'm usually good when it comes to memorization.</p>